Magazine Articles

Over the past years, some of the most notable publications on the sport of fishing around the world have come to visit us.
Below is a sampling of some of these great articles that have been penned and published about the Tropic Star Lodge®.

Safari Clun International Jul/Aug 2014
The Bucket List of Fishing Destinations
Article by Albert Battoo

Marlin Magazine cover - March 2014
Five Decades of Excellence
Article By John Brownlee

Pacific Coast Sportfishing Cover - Nov/Dec 2013
Piñas Bay, the land of plenty
Article by Bill DePriest

Safari International article May/June 2013
50 Years Fishing the Finest

Article by Scott Mayer

Marlin Magazine Cover shot taken at the Tropic Star Lodge by Pat Ford
Pat Ford's cover shot
taken at the Tropic Star Lodge

SPF0313 Cover-190
Pat Ford's photo
from the Tropic Star Lodge

Ten Legendary Fisheries by Mike Mazur March 2013
Ten Legendary Fisheries

Article by Mike Mazur

MAR0712 Cover
Cover and Marlin Hot Shot
taken by Dave Ferrell

Sportfishing Magazine 2012 Cover
Bay of Dreams
Article by Mike Mazur

Fishing Wild 2012 Cover
Panama's Tropic Star
Article by

MARLIN Magazine 2011 cover image
Rainy Season Blues
Article by Guy Harvey

Marlin Magazine - Most Influential People, Hot Shots, & Letter October 2011
Most Influential People
Article bt Capt Skip Smith

Panama's Trophy Trifecta by Bill DePriest March 2011
Panama's Trophy Trifecta
Article by Bill DePriest

Pacific Coast Sportfishing Cover Photo by Director of Fishing-Albert Battoo
Cover Photo by Director
of Fishing-Albert Battoo

2010 Official Guide to Billfishing by Jon Schwartz
2010 Official Guide to Billfishing
Article by Jon Schwartz

Roosters on the Rocks
Roosters On the Rocks

Article by John Brownlee

Sportfishing Magazine -online edition
Tropic Star's Black Marlin
Article by Jon Schwartz

marlin magazine cover shot - sept 2009
Jon Schwartz Cover Shot

Saltwater Sportsman March 2009 - Make Mine Marlin
Make Mine Marlin

Article by John Brownlee

Pacific Coast Magazine - When the Stars Align over Piñas Bay
When the stars align over Piñas Bay
Article by Bill DePriest

Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine  - The Star of Panama
Star of Panama
Article by Bill DePriest

Marlin magazine - April 2005 A Grand Encounter
A Grand Encounter
Article by Ken Kavanaugh

Sports Illustrated 1963 cover
The World's Best Marlin Grounds

Sportfishing Magazine - March 2013 - Top 10 Legendary Fisheries

The Tropic Star Lodge is listed as one of Ten Legendary Fisheries that changes the sport. Sportfishing Magazine - March 2013 issue
Click to enlarge (PDF)

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