Richard White

Richard White

Capt. Richard White, Fishing Director for Tropic Star Lodge, brings you the latest news from Piñas Bay.

2022 Roosterfish Tournament Results

The Tropic Star Lodge Roosterfish tournament in Piñas Bay, Panamaspans four days, with loads of fun and action-packed fishing.

The Tropic Star Lodge Roosterfish Tournament takes place in Piñas Bay, Panama, every year in May. Book your spot at our 2023 Roosterfish Tournament – it is a great chance to qualify for the OWC while doing your bit for marine conservation.

Since the dawn of fishing there has been a competitive spirit between anglers, and each and every sports fisherman started fishing because of the joy it brings them. It is exactly these aspects of fishing that the Tropic Star Lodge Roosterfish tournament brings together. The tournament spans four days, with loads of fun and action-packed fishing. On arrival, we held the Roosterfish Olympics – this challenge determines the order in which the teams participate in the boat draw at the captains meeting on the first night. The first fishing day is a fun day, or practice day, depending on how serious you are. The next three days count for points, and to score points you need to successfully hook and release a Roosterfish. If competing anglers manage to bag a Roosterfish on 20lb test or lower, a Rooster of over 50lb, or on artificial while casting – the angler receives extra points making things very interesting. 

We had some great teams this year as always, but conditions were not perfect due to intermittent rains. Despite that, the anglers gave it their all, fishing hard to the very end, and the results speak for themselves! 

Each morning, the boats were loaded up with fresh bait and away they went. In total, the teams released 96 Roosterfish over three days making for some incredible fishing. The difference between top angler, and second place angler came down to just 50 points. The difference was made up by points awarded to the angler for catching a Roosterfish on artificial. This went to Jeff Hewitt. The biggest Roosterfish of the tournament went to Lee Ann Ballew for her 132cm Roosterfish, putting it at over 50lb. In the end, team Wyoming Cowboys decidedly took the win.

The entire Tropic Star Lodge team would like to say a HUGE thank you to our amazing sponsors, and anglers alike. Without them, this fun-filled conservation tournament just wouldn’t be possible! 

Fish of the Day Winners:

Day 1 (Fun Day): Scott Hickman: 400lb Black Marlin

Day 2 (Tournament Day 1): Jeff Hewitt: Roosterfish 86cm

Day 3 (Tournament Day 2): Lee Ann Ballew: Roosterfish 132cm

Day 4 (Tournament Day 3): Jason Dittilo: Roosterfish 112cm 

Top Anglers:

First Place Anger: Jeff Hewitt -1800 Points

Second Place Angler: Patty Lucht – 1750 Points

Third Place Angler: Mark Lucht – 1450 Points

Wyoming Cowboys3200
Conch Republic2700
Tough Cat2350
Dilly Dilly1600
Razor cat1500

Day 1: 19 Roosterfish Released
Day 2: 57 Roosterfish Released
Day 3: 20  Roosterfish Released

Special thanks to the sponsors for this tournament – YETI, Costa del Mar, Rods By Dru, Guy Harvey, Scallywags, King Sailfish Mounts, Papas Pillar and BUBBA Blades.

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