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Come explore what makes Tropic Star Lodge in Pinas Bay, Panama one of the very best fishing resorts in the world. Multiple fishing world records and a vast variety of species available for catch and release provide our guests with the ultimate inshore and offshore fishing experience. But it doesn’t end there– our top-notch accommodations and amenities makes a fishing holiday to Tropic Star a dream come true for fishing enthusiasts.


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tropic star improvements

We’ve upgraded our accommodations, restaurants and boats to make your stay in our Panama Paradise even better. 

upgraded bertrams

Tropic Star Lodge is currently working on upgrading the entire fleet of Bertrams. This is a massive undertaking for our -in-house workshop: but the results are breathtaking. The upgraded Bertrams are more comfortable, quieter, faster and more fuel-efficient from their predecessors. We currently have 5 upgrade vessels available.


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tropic star accommodation

Remote, yet refined. Tropic Star Lodge is 100 miles from any roads, nestled within the lush Darien jungle of Panama on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Our accommodations and amenities are recently renovated and refurbished–modern clean and comfortable. The food is outstanding and the service is 1st rate.




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fishing school testimonial

Our 1st inshore fishing seminar was a huge success. We’ve opened up bookings for next year and space is filling up fast. Tropic Star Lodge is excited to be holding our 2nd Inshore fishing school, where you can fish with Professional anglers on your boat and have lessons and lectures on some of the tips and tactics for inshore fishing. We will be holding classes on knot tying, casting, patterning fish, and tackle selection and other topics during the four days of fishing and learning. Captains J.P DeRose, Bo Johnson, Bear Holman, Travis Holman and Richard White will be fishing with different boats each day. 


father & son trip testimonial

Father and Son Court James and Court James Jr. returned to the dock one day in May with 10 Sailfish Flags flying high! This trip at Tropic Star Lodge will be Father and Son memories that’ll last forever.


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jan guest testimonials

Recent guests share their experiences about fishing at Tropic Star Lodge in Piñas Bay, Panama

2018 testimonials

Tropic Star Lodge continues to offer our guests  amazing fishing vacations. Located in remote Piñas Bay Panama, Tropic Star is home to more than 300 I.G.F.A. fishing world records. The Lodge has been undergoing renovations and refurbishments and the improvements are a hit with our guests!


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