vip travel experience

upgrade any existing transfers

Customize your transfers to best suit your travel preferences.

Tropic Star Lodge handles all of your travel needs once you land in Panama, for a single transfer fee. However, we know that not every trip is one-size-fits-all experience, which is why we have partnered with a host of amazing service providers to offer you the option of customized travel. 

  • Maximize your time in Piñas by flying directly to the lodge from the international airport
  • Fly in a helicopter / sea plane, instead of our regular charter plane
  • Land your private jet in Panama, with parking and pilot services on offer 
  • Request a private charter, outside of our regular flight schedule, and we will coordinate the private charter on your behalf 
All of the are subject to additional fees, and minimum guest head counts. Please enquire by calling us on 800-682-3424 for more information.


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