Tropic Star Lodge is a world-renowned fishing resort located in Piñas Bay, Panama. The Lodge is carved into the hillside of the Darien Jungle and can only be reached by boat or small charter plane.  The surrounding areas offer a range of magical experiences – from the urban metropalis of Panama City, to mystical mountains, azure seas and dense jungles. 

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The country of Panama is classified third world; but once you see the development it has encountered in the last 10 years, you will see it for the pseudo 1st world that the city center has become. Filled with modern gastronomical restaurants, lively pubs and diverse nightlife – you will have an array of options to explore during your stay. 

Panama City is safe, but like most other cities, be sure to take care of your personal belongings while out exploring.

Casco Viejo, the old city, has been undergoing renovations for a few years now, and has become the most popular tourist attraction other than the Panama Canal. Here is where you will find many choice restaurants and bars. Be sure to visit the variety of rooftop bars during your stay, as these play home to breathtaking views and an atmosphere of boundless fun.

Leave the city of Panama and you will find you are greeted with pure natural beauty. 

Panama boasts a luscious countryside, made up of 43% Rainforest, bordering Costa Rica on the North and Columbia on the South. It is home to 1775 miles of Spectacular Coastline between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean plus five Archipelagos, one of which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Darien Rainforest, which borders Tropic Star’s land and is one of the most untouched rainforests left on earth, with no roads for a hundred miles.  

Filled with diversity in wildlife, birds and flora, this magical landscape should be visited by those looking to experience an awe-inspiring expanse of nature.

The beautiful Indigenous people of Panama call the remote parts of the rainforest home, and live simple lives fuelled by self-subsistence. 

Part of how they make a living is through exquisite handmade crafts, world-renowned for their unique beauty. Very often, these crafts are the only source of income for indigenous people, which is why knowing so many of these bespoke pieces live in the homes of our past guests is a colossal pride for all of us at Tropic Star Lodge. 

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Tropic Star Lodge has a range of travel specialists that can help you feel more at home in Panama. If you have any further questions about Piñas Bay and Surrounds, reach out to us below.

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