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We’ve been fortunate to have some amazing media partners, who regularly feature us in their magazines, websites, and even TV shows. We also have our own YouTube channel, where you can explore content generated by our team down at the lodge in Piñas Bay. 

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The World Records of Panama’s Tropic Star Lodge

“Flip through the International Game Fish Association’s book of world records, and you’ll see one destination that consistently stands out: Piñas Bay, Panama, home of the world-renowned Tropic Star Lodge. Just a few ­highlights: a 445-pound black marlin caught on 16-pound-test by Elizabeth Hogan, a 171-pound sailfish on 12-pound-test for Felipe Estrada, a 58-pound mahi landed by Gary Carter on 2-pound-test, a pair of big ­swordfish for the husband-and-wife team of Jerry and Deborah Dunaway, caught just seven days apart with Capt. Skip Smith in 1986. A 141.5-pound sailfish caught by Raleigh Werking on 4-pound-test line. The list continues.”

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Get to Know Terri Andrews


Photo: Jon Whittle | Marlin

igfa fishing records


Photo: IGFA


Photo: Drew Townes | Marlin

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The Marlin Bar– the Latest from Tropic Star

“A sportfishing institution now has its latest landmark: The Marlin Bar at Tropic Star Lodge. Tropic Star Lodge is one of sportfishing’s most historic operations—and it has the photographs to prove it. From fishing pictures with John Wayne to all manner of giant yellowfin and huge black marlin, Tropic Star has it. Tropic Star recently unveiled its Marlin Bar. New and updated, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer and swap fishing stories. After all, you’re sure to make a few stories of your own while fishing at Tropic Star…”

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Tradition and Trajectory at Tropic Star Lodge


Photo: Jon Whittle | Marlin

video: InTheBite Dock Talk: Tropic Star Lodge

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Photo: IGFA


Photo: Drew Townes | Marlin

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