Richard White

Richard White

Capt. Richard White, Fishing Director for Tropic Star Lodge, brings you the latest news from Piñas Bay.

Fishing Highlights – Jun 29 – Jul 13, 2019

Big rooster fish being caught on poppers Offshore the bite has been very consistent. Pacific Sailfish and Yellowfin Tuna have been dependable and a lot of fun for our anglers. The Yellowfin are hanging around the pods of porpoise and we are catching the smaller Tuna on surface lures and spinning tackle with the larger Tuna caught on live bait.

The Sailfish have been teasing very well and so most captains have been opting for a bait and switch tactic with Panama belly baits which have been very productive. The Blue and Black Marlin are keeping people active and as we head closer to the first full moon in Marlin season so the action is heating up. The big bull Dorado have started to smash some of the Marlin baits and some of the anglers have had great fun going head to head with them on spinning gear.

The rains have been arriving most afternoons, cooling off the day and helping with the trash lines of flotsam that we get offshore. The water temperature has been keeping steady around the 84-degree mark which is great for the offshore fishing. Inshore, the water has been murky some days but those days are always followed by clean beautiful water with the help from the large tides. With the clean water, our first Wahoo of the season have been caught.

The Henderson Family joined us for a special visit to Tropic Star Lodge. Richard and Elizabeth Henderson brought their daughter, Margaret, sons, Richard and Charles, and close friend, Walker Sears for a family vacation. For Richard’s 16th birthday; Tropic Star Lodge was his choice for a special trip. He has always dreamed to catch a billfish and a Roosterfish. We had a great time with the family, and they loved fishing with Fidel and Levin on Pollyanna. The family caught more Yellowfin than they knew what to do with and then some. Charles released his first Sailfish of 80 lb. Richard released his first Sailfish of 110 lb and Walker released his first sail of 80 lb. Richard released his first Roosterfish of 35 lb and Elizabeth released one of 45 lb. There were a whole lot of fish in between.. including Elizabeth catching a baby Rooster of around 1lbs. It was great spending time with the family and we can’t wait to see them again. Congratulations to Richard on achieving his birthday goals!

James and Sherry Britt joined us with their sons, Bo and Chris, for some fishing action. The family fished with Capt. Gavilan on Island Star and had loads of fun with multiple species caught and released. On day-one they experienced non-stop Yellowfin Tuna action. Chris also released his first Pacific Sailfish of 110 lb. The family then decided to take on the inshore species and had great luck with Roosterfish. Chris, Sherry and Bo all released their first Roosterfish making for a great family trip.

Scott Brauninger, Jason Berry and Mark Goldstein joined us for the 4th of July holiday. The men were the nemesis of Tuna. During their trip they caught over 35 Yellowfin Tuna, which is Scott’s favorite species. They also released Roosterfish, but the most memorable was a 65 lb Roosterfish Scott released right off the dock before fishing even started. We literally had the fish hooked up before we undid the lines on the dock. Suffice to say it was a day that kicked off with a bang and Scott said it best, you don’t have to travel far to catch fish at Tropic Star!

Tim Babb and his lovely wife, Annia, came to Tropic Star with a whole heap of friends. They soon came to be known as Team Pesca. I have been in communication with Tim for quite a while as he was getting ready for his fishing adventure. Tim is also good friends with Mark Davis. And, yes, Tim now “believes the hype”! There were literally too many first catches to mention for the group. They fished on miss America with Capt. Luis and Texas with Capt. Jacob and they crushed the fish. Annia released her first Pacific Sailfish of 85 lb, Chad Brettis and Mathew White both released their firsts at 90 lbs. Tim released his first Cubera Snapper of 45 lb. Some giant Roosters were released as well. Chris Cabri released a 60 lb Roosterfish and Drew Darby one of 50 lb. Kristen Cabri released her first Rooster of 35 lb. I know Tim and Annia will be back and can’t wait to see them again.

To all our American family that visited us for the 4th of July– thank you so much for spending it with us. We had such a fantastic time with everyone and the atmosphere was great! Our chef put on a wonderful American style BBQ which everyone loved. We even enjoyed some Watermelon Vodka shots at the bar. Dinner was followed by a firework display. The fishing had everyone in high spirits and seeing the camaraderie with anglers telling stories of first catches and monsters that got away. Tropic Star exists for people to have a place where fishing dreams come true and friendships are formed.

‘Till next time, Tight lines and fair seas.
Capt. Richard White

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